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Quick Answers to the Most
Common Questions

What is ProFoto.Online?

For 18 years we have been printing high-quality photos for professionals and amateur photographers. As we continue to grow and expand, we are constantly on the lookout for new market ideas, therefore the project is our next milestone of the company development.  And now, we are pleased to present our quality products to the huge international market through our online order collection service.

We are open to any bold idea and ready to bring it to life by means of our high-skilled color correction technicians and cutting-edge printing equipment.
So join us and be among many professional photographers, galleries, advertising agencies and museums who rely on the ProFoto.Online photo printing service and its high quality!

What are the advantages of ProFoto.Online before competitors?

  • Advantage 1: Our team.
    You will be served by one of the best team of experienced professionals, who can help you to prepare your files for printing and always suggest you the right type of photo paper for your project/exhibition.
  • Advantage 2: The possibility to order any size of a photo.
    If you want to have your photos printed on Durst Lambda 131 HS, you can order any size of the photo, starting from 40 cm in width or length. You can order any desired size of the photo, for example, 58cm x 118 cm and be able to fit it precisely into your custom frame. It gives you a possibility to create the different kinds of wall collages and combine the photos of different sizes without manual cropping. All photos lower 40 cm in length will be printed by Noritsu QSS3702HD for a lower price but with the highest quality.
  • Advantage 3: No need to pay for cuts. 
    If you can order the photo of any size, you can pay for the printed area by 1 only
  • Advantage 4: High-End Equipment. 
    All your photographic prints will be printed on one of the best laser labs in the world –
    Durst Lambda 131 HS-Turret with the professional quality.
  • Advantage 5: The size of the photos. Max. width – 1,25 m.
    A remarkable width of the media materials and superb quality of the photos open the horizons for gallery photographers and advertising agencies who need a stunning quality and a competitive pricing.
  • Advantage 6: Free online support by live chat.
    All customers have a possibility to monitor the status of the order by its number just asking it in a free chat. Also the status of the order will be visible in the user’s dashboard and provided by email notifications.
  • Advantage 7: Direct shipping service.
    We can ship the photos directly from our prolab’s doors to your home or office doors by any courier service. Delivery to any destination is possible to any corner of the world by flat rates. 
    An email with a tracking number will be sent to you after shipping.
  • Advantage 8: Competitive pricing.
    We offer the most atractive prices on the market for the photos of te highest qualty. All prices given on this website include all taxes.
  • Advantage 9: Volume discounts.
    All professionals with volume orders have special prices. 
    We offer special discounted prices on packages for volume events, including Sports, Schools, Kindergartens, etc. Lots of professionals choose our lab-corrected printing for consistent, exquisite print quality which we keep due to the latest digital technologies.
    We will be pleased to discuss the personal discounts by your inquiry by email of phone call.
  • Advantage 10: Fast turnaround time. 
    All processing time usually takes 2-3 days and of course, depends on many factors. But we do our best to make all in time and fulfill our obligations before our customers.

What equipment do you use?

  • Durst Lambda 131 HS-Turret is our mega-star. It is in use only for professionals who need photos from 40 cm to 125 cm in width with the highest professional quality. It has no limits in length of print.
  • Noritsu QSS3702HD – for the all size of photos from 9×13 up to 30x 90 cm with ultra-high quality. Noritsu QSS3702HD gives one of the best resolutions in print photos with high-definition printing mode (HD)  so the quality of the small size photos will be similar to photos made on Durst Lambda 131 HS-Turret.

How do you send the photos?

Package. All photos made by us will be packed in the paper tube with a hardened structure to avoid damage during transportation.
Customers in the local area usually pick up their prints at the lab.
Shipping Methods. We use a regular Post Service for shipping within EU. Orders shipping to destinations outside of the EU will be handled by EMS.
If you would like your order to arrive sooner, you may also select to add express shipping to your order.

In what file extension do you accept orders?

We accept files in the JPG. Please upload the image in sRGB Colorspace with 8-Bit jpegs only. Avoid the color spaces CMYK or greyscale because we will convert it into our colorspace anyway.

What media materials do you use to print photos?

High-quality Professional prints require corresponding high-quality media materials such as Photo paper and Transparent and Clear Display Display Materials.
In our photo production for exhibitions, galleries, and museums, we use Kodak and Fujifilm silver halide color paper of archival quality:

Kodak photo paper:
Kodak Professional Ultra Endura,
Kodak Professional Endura Silk,
Kodak Professional Endura Metallic.
Fujifilm photo paper:
Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Digital Type DP II
Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper

For advertising agencies who need photos for lightboxes and in-shop displays, we offer different Transparency Films:
Fujifilm Fujitrans Display Material
Fujifilm Fujitrans Crystal Archive Display Material
Kodak Professional Endura Transparency Display Material (Duratrans)
Kodak Professional Endura Clear Display Material (Duraclear)

Do I need to receive a proof?

If you are going to order the photos for the first time – we recommend proofing. It will help you to sync a calibration of your monitor with our equipment. Proofing guarantees that we will meet your expectations.

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