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Equipment/Method of Exposure: Durst Lambda 131 HS-Turret/RGB laser
Media: A sem-transparent film FujiTrans Crystal Archive Display Material
Minimal photo width – 40 cm. Maximal photo width – 120 cm. (1,20 m)
Minimal photo length – 40 cm.
Each side of the photo will have a 3 mm technological margin. A name of the image can be printed on one side.

By default, the photos are processed without the intervention of our engineers  (color corrections, cropping,  etc.).
Should we have any questions we will contact you by email before processing.
All taxes have been added to the price.
Please read F.A.Q. page to find the answers to your questions here.

Length (X) cm.
Width/Height (Y) cm.
Area of the Photo [sq.m] Nil
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Thickness: 180 µm
FujiTrans Crystal Archive Display Material
 is a translucent silver halide color print material on a white PET base designed for the production of color transparency displays. It is suitable for backlit displays signs, and other commercial applications even without a built-in diffuser. Fujitrans achieves full-color saturation and shadow detail whether using conventional enlarger exposure or short-duration laser exposure.


  • Accentuates subtle skin tones
  • Highly stable images
  • High D-Max
  • Rich gradation and well-controlled gray balance
  • Detailed highlights & shadows
  • Superb reciprocity characteristics (High suitability for digital image exposure)
  • Vibrant color reproduction
  • The highest level of color image stability
  • White, translucent material
  • Advanced V-Coupler (AVC) Technology
  • Offers outstanding color reproduction
  • Improves long-term dye stability
  • Increases print longevity
  • Photoelectron controlling technology for laser exposure
  • Reproduces the full tonal range
  • Generates outstanding reciprocity characteristics
  • Hybrid stabilizing technology

It is suitable for a wide range of display uses in sizes from small to large, such as advertising, publicity and indoor decoration:

  • Window Display Signs
  • Fine Art Display
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • POP Displays
  • Menu Boards
  • Public Advertisement
  • Airport Display Signs
  • Sales and Promotions
  • Retail Signs
  • Special Announcement

The possibility to customize the size of the photo is our advantage before our competitors.
You will pay for the area of the photo only and you can adjust its size by 1 sq.cm!
Recommendations before setting the size:
The width of the standard roll of a roll of Fujitrans is 120 cm. Here is your max limit on one side.
We do not accept orders shorter 40 cm in one side.
Please choose one size of the photo from 40 to 120 cm.
The length of the photo also starts from 40 cm and has no limit.