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Hello All!
I am pleased to present a ProFoto.Online blog today!
Here are my first blog and my first post so do not judge me too strong.
I am a newbie in blogging. Also, I would like to apologize for my ugly English because I learned it more than 25 years ago and my knowledge of it is quite weak.

My name is Eugene Dimov (Evgenii Dimov in Russian) and I am from Russia. I am 53. Currently, I live in Latvia where I am engaged in the building of a representative office of my company in Europe and creation of websites is my hobby.

it is me

For many years photography is my passion. And all my business also somehow tied with photography so I consider as the next step in my life. I created this website trying to give a possibility to have a professional photo printing service for the people who can create photos but have no possibilities to print the photos with respectable quality.
The world is huge and not all corners of it have professional labs with acceptable pricing.
So here is my website.

Please treat ProFoto.Online as your personal professional lab you can rely on.
The perfect quality of the photos and our personal approach to each order are our advantages before the competitors.
In our dreams, I see ProFoto.Online as a place where professionals will share or sale their works, with the possibility to discuss them with colleagues and friends from all over the world.